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King Abdulaziz International airport

In 2020, the new Terminal 1 at King Abdulaziz International Airport had a soft opening with a number of domestic flights transferred to operate from it. With a floor area of 810,000 square meters, the new terminal is considered one of the largest airport terminal buildings of its kind in the world.[4] Visitors and passengers will enjoy a number of facilities including new lounges, an 18,000 square meter central garden area, and a transport center that links between the building and the car park and train station.[5] Moreover, the terminal will have a huge aquarium with 10 meters in diameter and 14 meters in height as well as a capacity of million liters of water.[5] Furthermore, a mosque with a capacity of 3,732 worshippers has been established in the airport.[5] In August 2020, the airport started moving a number of international flights operated by Saudia to the new terminal [1], and on the 18th of November, Etihad has become the first non-Saudi airline to move to the new facility.


Al Qnan - Abu Dhabi

We approved as design and solution for ABU DHABI ALMAQATA WATER CANEL FOR 3 million euro supply of Landscape and  Arctic’s lighting fixture

Destinations have been evolving over the past decade, people are now seeking places that offer adventure and rejuvenation but most importantly, they do not want to go to another mall.

Located in the grand Khor Al Maqta, known for its prestigious area, the 2.4 KM scenic and picturesque waterfront destination, Al Qana will be the social hub for all ages. Surrounded by more than seven 5-star hotels within five minutes, you will get a world-class experience with modern and art-inspired architecture, there are many factors that make this destination one-of-a-kind. Al Qana will also be a family destination providing both adventure and fun-filled memories within its seven different anchors.

People of all ages will be able to understand more about the marine world at The National Aquarium, fostering a deeper appreciation of the creatures, corals, and plants that make the underwater realm so fascinating and worth protecting.

The National Aquarium, which will house more than 46,000 animals, responsibly and ethically sourced from around the world will be located in Al Qana.

For those who want to stay fit and healthy, head to The Bridge, an integrated lifestyle wellness hub - another major anchor in Al Qana. With a total space area of over 8000 square meters, The Bridge will feature seven unique and seamless service tracks (Move – Pause – Taste – Seek – Choose – Expand – Learn), combined into an ethereal and customized individual journey. These varied collections of features are elegantly integrated across three floors and a roof garden lounge.


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