Housing - High purity extruded aluminium body with powder coated in RAL Colors.
Diffuser - PMMA optical Lens diffuser specially for LED
LED - reducing energy consumption with L80/B10/F10 50,000 hrs lifetime.
Standards - manufactured in accordance with EN 60598-1 and 60598-2-
Accessories - Joints kit, motion sensor, microwave sensor.

Objective :

Industrial LED lights are the heavy-duty, super-bright alternative to traditional HID, tube, or strip light fixtures. Perfect for warehouse lighting, parking garage lighting, tunnel lighting, gym lighting, supermarket lighting, and more, this LED light source is highly efficient, delivering excellent lighting performances while saving energy, with also a life expectancy that's 5 times as long as old systems. The high quality die-cast aluminium housing and polycarbonate lens are weatherproof, dustproof, waterproof and impact resistant to permit the application in harsh environments.

Technical Information :






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