Housing - Aluminium sheet bended as square frame with curve edge powder coated
with choice of RAL color.
Reflector - Curved shape aluminum housing reflection.
LED - reducing energy consumption with L80/B10/F10 50,000 hrs lifetime.
Standards - manufactured in accordance with tested as per PTPS IEC 62722
Mounting Methods - Dampa aluminum ceiling, lay in, suspended, recessed clips.
Accessories - Pushing Frame for aluminum grid ceiling, suspension kit, clips.

Objective :

Plus-Board provides a modern architectural contoured appearance, providing a striking modular fixture and building depth into its recessed offering. Class leading efficacy performance levels are highlighted, with performance reaching 120lm/W, making this a very attractive proposition in todayâs market, meeting the demanding energy saving targets many customers are specifying. With the excellent distribution of undirected light from the bespoke diffuser, these product can service a wide range of end users from commercial office space up to high output retail applications.

Technical Information :






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