Housing - die cast aluminium Ceiling plate coated by solvent free powder coating with RAL color selections.
Attached with special kit for Ceiling mounting or suspended mounting attached with PC structure of high
impact resistance durable raw material with tested life time up to 70,000 hours.
Diffuser - Designed acrylic lenses with diamond cut micro-lenses made from
PMMA high impact resistance with special Diamond prism technology for
wider distribution, v2 resistant and anti-UV with low glare function < 19 UGR
LED - reducing energy consumption with L90/B10/F10 50,000 hrs lifetime.
Standards - manufactured in accordance with EN 60598-1 and 60598-2-1
Accessories - Ceiling mounting kit, suspension kit, motion sensor, photocell Sensor.

Objective :

LED Canopy- Parking Lights are innovated ideal design. 120lm/w output power with 35W-68 W LED light, Up To 8160 Lumen can Be Equipped with motion sensor & photocell Sensor For LED Light fixture is available. Also an option of Emergency backup for three hours. main housing Factors of IK08 and IP65 ratings of ingress and protection applicable for the gas station, garages, canopies and shaded and open parking lot easy mounting installation for maintenance, performance, with LM80, LM79 you make sure of long life and low depreciation of lumen package. The main target of this product that it can have much better homogeneous distribution of illumination under the mounting space and can save the number of fixtures that are required for application one fixture can cover from 30 Square Meter Up To 40 Square Meter depends on the level of mounting the housing is made from cast aluminum ceiling plate with the innovated technology of optical PMMA Diamond lens where fixture delivers smart wider distribution of lamination, plus the further mounting application of surface mounting with the surface mounting kit and the other option of suspension mounting kit. Moreover, these fixtures can be easily connected to a smart building management system with the multi-option of dimming by Dali or 1-0V

Technical Information :






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