Housing - Die cast aluminum body with choice of RAL colors.
Diffuser - Clear tempered glass.
Reflector - Anodized aluminum reflector.
LED - reducing energy consumption with L80/B10/F10 50,000 hrs lifetime.
Standards - manufactured in accordance with EN 60598-1 and 60598-2-1
Height can be customized upon request

Objective :

Shielded LED bollard with wide beam light distribution for a high degree of illuminance on the ground surface. A reflector directs the light directly onto the surface to be illuminated. Robust and striking luminaries that can divide up and structure outdoor spaces. They have an orienting, guiding and demarcating function. For the illumination of squares, entrance areas and driveways, an ideal selection for area has squares design or rectangular path way very iconic and fabulous design can match the idea of totally modern hard or soft Scape with high IP we can insure the durability and with latest led technology we are sure about power consumption saving comparing with traditional HPS ,HID poles.

Technical Information :






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