Housing - Made of dia cast aluminum with choice of RAL color corrosion & salt
resistance polyester coating.
Diffuser - Tempered clear glass with Optical PMMA lens high resistence to
temperature and UV radiation.
LED - reducing energy consumption with L80/B10/F10 50,000 hrs lifetime.
Standards - manufactured in accordance with EN 61643-11
Accessories - Surge protection device up 10KV, (OTP) Automatic temperature
control device in events of unexpected LED temperature rised.

Objective :

Suitable for streets, parking lots, walking/hiking paths, common areas, camping areas, beach areas, pools, parks, bus stop, etcetera. Especially this light is suitable wherever there is a need to lighting up without the high cost of the electricity. The energy saving is important especially in this category of luminaire, and our Manzoni matches exactly all the requirements in this field. The advanced LED technology provides high quality result with a guaranteed high luminous flux and a pleasant, comfortable, homogeneous light effect.

Technical Information :






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